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P&C Project Manager

Energetic, driven, and always up for a challenge – only a few ways to describe our P&C Project Manager, Phil Williams. He helps to execute Tiimely's People Strategy and ensure we grow bigger and better as a team.

Phil, recruitment extraordinaire

A newborn no more, Tiimely is a growing company. Once a budding start-up, and now over six years old, we’ve quickly matured into a platform technology company. Phil Williams has been pivotal in helping Tockers navigate through the scale-up phase, and drives projects that allow us to adapt to the ever-changing world of technology, people and culture.

What was your first impression of Tiimely?

I knew Tiimely from the early stages (when it was called Tic:Toc), having worked closely with Tiimely from outside the company. My first impression of the company was “wow, this is a start-up that’s doing some incredibly exciting things in an industry that’s been waiting out for disruption, and all being delivered out of Adelaide!” And now quite a few years down the line, we’ve turned start-up into scale-up. That first impression hasn’t changed as we continue to innovate and further disrupt the industry, but we’ve scaled a lot since then as we approach 150 employees and we’ve learnt a lot along the way.

What are your thoughts on Tiimely’s company values?

Our values are: Time to be transparent. Time to build good bonds. Time to be human. Time to take responsibility.

Consistent throughout our four values is the expectation for collaboration and working closely with others, which I love! We can only be transparent, build good bonds, be human and take responsibility by collaborating with each other, which is something I think we have done incredibly well at Tiimely and continues to be an important pillar to our ways of working.

What were your thoughts when you first stepped out of the lift and into the Tiimely office?

My first impression out the lift… Tiimely has a buzz! We certainly have some very nice office space with a very modern feel. But, alongside that we have the culture feel to go with it. The minute you step into Tiimely, you can feel that it’s a company that’s kicking goals.

Can you explain your current role?

My role has evolved over time, starting as our Talent Acquisition Manager in 2020, then swiftly moved into People Partnering and now People & Culture Project Management.

It's been a year of exciting projects for me since moving into our projects space, which has included working on our Employer Brand, EVP, and employee experience so we were set up to scale successfully when and driving our B-Corp Certification with a group of passionate Tockers.

What problem are you here to solve?

All sorts of problems to solve for! And solutions of course. I’m working on many people-related projects at the moment that span our People & Culture and Corporate team. I’m currently working towards our future ESG strategy and employee experience tech initiatives. Amongst all this, I’m a People Partner to our Corporate and Enterprise teams. Occasionally still dabble in a bit of talent acquisition too.

What do you find most rewarding about your role?

Put simply, I love shipping projects and initiatives that contribute to our pursuit of seamless.


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