Support more customers experiencing hardship

Act with confidence and help customers navigate financial hardship with data-driven personalised recovery plans and automated serviceability

Turn your data into proactive Hardship management


Predict and manage hardship cases, and receive alerts for customers at risk of entering financial stress with Tiimely's advanced data enrichment and categorisation capability.


Increase chances of recovery with personalised solutions with real-time monitoring of accounts and behavioural patterns.

Core capabilities

Faster, smarter and seamless

Create a single trusted data source to create compliant, decision-ready recommendations

  • Automated affordability

    Quickly gauge your customers' hardship situation with full financial position validation

  • Data source agnostic

    Bring disparate sources of data together for real-time access to contextual and actionable insights your team can trust

  • Programmable risk appetite

    Configure decisioning outcomes that operate within your policy and compliance requirements, seamlessly


Seamless integration for scalability

Tiimely's solutions have been engineered to seamlessly align with your extensible technology infrastructure. Our team has taken care to design APIs that can easily connect with your current systems, consolidating disparate data sources. This means you can get a better understanding of your customer's situations and make informed decisions towards mitigating financial hardship.

  • Xapii Core API
  • Insights API


Augment Tiimely's AI-enriched solutions

Unlock the full potential of your data and assist customers out of financial hardship

Find out how Tiimely can help you automate and scale

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