How we work

Whether you’re based at Tiimely’s Adelaide HQ or our Sydney spoke office, you’ll find a team of passionate Tockers who are building tech to change the financial services industry.

Our work spans from strategy, product, building, testing, and marketing, all the way through to the operations team who see our tech come to life in our proving ground and retail business, Tiimely Home.

We're hybrid

  • We strike a balance between working from home, and the camaraderie of our Tocker collaboration days.
  • We come together every Tuesday and Wednesday, for Town Hall, showcase, to work and be together. Occasionally, we’ll share a meal together.
  • Flexible hours – we’re for morning people, night owls, school drop-offs and pick-ups, and afternoon runs. If it works with your teams' rhythm, it works for us.
  • Our office is built for collaboration. Rooms that transform into Town Hall and Academy spaces, and kitchens ready to cater for morning tea and shared lunches.

We work in the open

  • Wide open (office) spaces – find fresh fit outs at Tiimely’s Adelaide HQ and Sydney spoke. Lots of room for collaboration and a library for quiet concentration time.
  • Open comms styles to support our office bases and remote Tockers to achieve great things.
  • We make time to showcase our work. Work we’re proud of, work that can easily go under the radar, hard work, work that will improve how we do things in the future.
  • We make time to ensure Tockers understand the deeply technical parts of our platform, system and retail offering. We believe this is a foundational component of providing a superior internal and external customer experience.

Ways of working

Our rituals and day-to-day

  • Tocker days

    We come together at least three times a week, to share, collaborate, solve problems, and brainstorm.

  • Agile

    For us, Agile isn't just a methodology – it's our way of life and our go-to approach for software development. We foster collaboration, adaptability, and continuous improvement.

  • Program increment planning

    We make time every quarter to come together and plan the work we'll do – we bring together our collective experience and knowledge, and work through what needs to happen, in what teams, and what to look out for. We make sure we're working towards our strategic objectives, and taking time to plan as a team.

  • Walk the floor

    Also known as Gemba. Open plan means we make time to say hello across offices, floors and video calls. It’ll take no time for you to learn everyone's names.

Environment, Social and Governance

Sustainability and ESG at Tiimely

Tiimely started in 2017 knowing that we wanted to be a force for good – with a mission to revolutionise the lending experience.

Fast forward seven years, and we're on the pursuit of seamless, extending our technology application across the vast landscape of the finance industry – lending responsibly, with purpose, and sharing that vision with others. In living our values, we also know we have a role to play in driving better outcomes for our people, communities, and the planet – for this reason, we're proud to be B Corp Certified and taking steps to be better, all the time.

B Corp badgetrace logosocial change HQ logo
  • Environmental, Social and Governance criteria

    Tiimely established an ESG working group in 2022, to focus on initiatives that ensure our organisation drives better outcomes for people, communities, and the planet. We look forward to releasing our impact report in 2024 to showcase some of the great work we’ve been doing.

  • B Corp Certification

    In September 2022 we applied for our B Corp Certification in collaboration with our B Corp Consultant at Social Change HQ, which we proudly achieved in November 2023. Our commitments don’t stop here as we take on feedback from B Corp and take steps to be better, all the time.

  • Our environmental progress

    We measured our Carbon Footprint with our climate action partner, Trace, to bring transparency to our measurement and enable us to take action. To date, we’ve made some great progress towards managing our carbon emissions through our extended recycling scheme and 100% renewable energy at our headquarters.

What we mean when we say

We're technology-first

  • Automation-first

    As a technology company, we embrace all things digital and automated. We believe it makes our tech scaleable and gives us time to work on more interesting, and valuable things.
  • Componentisation

    A key principle for our technology stack is to be modularised and componentised so it's easier for our customers to integrate; but it also means that for our tech teams, working in a way they love; on cloud-based technologies on best-practice coding principles.
  • Responsible AI

    Pioneers in exception-based decisioning, we automate the menial and the manual, and leave decisions that need human intelligence to the humans.
  • 2-way digital

    We believe that the digital user experience should be just as good for the internal user as they are for the end user. 2-way digital, 2-way efficiency.