Inform: Navigate Confidently

Stay in control of your compliance obligations and drive growth for your business with our intelligent reporting capabilities


Obtain actionable insights

Navigate across a range of business dimensions including risk, compliance, operations, and marketing

  • Built for risk and compliance

    Effectively navigate and adapt to an ever-changing and complex economic and regulatory landscape

  • Bring together your data and systems

    Securely integrate data from customer banking, credit bureaus, and property valuations

  • Enable data-led business growth

    Enhance and improve business processes and policies with contextual and actionable insights

  • Comprehensive insights package

    Explore and optimise insights end to end across your portfolio; operations, credit, marketing, risk and compliance, and administrative functions

Core capabilities

Safeguarding success

Unlock business growth potential with technology-driven compliance and monitor risk controls in real-time

  • Configurable

    Cater by business focus: risk appetite, policy and legislative requirements, user access, business processes and goals
  • Easy integration

    Tiimely’s Platform augments and expands your data without adding pressure to your resources and IT team
  • Customise for immediate action

    Customise data and insights for users and business groups


Reporting and insights

Out-of-the-box reporting and dashboards with contextual and actionable insights your team can trust, so you can stay in control while you build up your business

Xapii Inform Dashboard

Xapii Platform

Augment, not replace

Tiimely’s platform product componentisation allows you to quickly integrate and augment, without lengthy digital transformation projects or having to start from scratch.