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Unlocking Great Customer Experiences in the Up Home Zone

In the pursuit of seamlessness in the home loan journey for Up's customers before and through the application

Meet Up

Launching in 2018, Up has quickly grown to serve a large and loyal customer base of 750,000. With a mission to make banking better for young Australians, it was only tiime before their customer base included a growing number of Australians looking to get into the housing market.

How did Tiimely help?


Up, Australia’s leading digital-first banking experience, embarked on a journey with Tiimely's platform technology to build the Up Home Zone app experience. Up’s vision was to revolutionise the way Australians interacted with home loans, contextualise the process of buying a home, whilst making the process more simple, efficient, and user-friendly.

Embedding Xapii platform solution, Convert, as well as Tiimely's Calculator APIs into Up's existing tech stack allowed the team to build an accessible in-app experience where customers could easily understand what to expect along the home buying journey. The ability to return a purchase price, rather than the industry standard of borrowing amounts, felt more contextual for the Up customer segment. The app prepared customers for a seamless transition through to the home loan application, also built on Tiimely's white-label mortgage solution.

Up CEO, Xavier Shay, and Up COO, Justin French, talk about their experience with Tiimely

The Up Home Zone Concept

Up Home Zone was introduced as a digital home loan offering, perfectly aligned with Up's mission to provide younger Australians with a 100% digital banking experience. It aimed to bridge the gap between a basic borrowing power calculator and a full-blown loan application, helping customers understand what they could afford to borrow while contextualising the home-buying process. This was achieved by…

Augmenting with the Xapii platform

When Up approached Tiimely to bring the Up Home Zone to life, they discovered a perfect synergy. Up's COO, Justin French, expressed excitement about Tiimely's ability to provide fast, modern, and well-documented APIs, perfectly suited for crafting outstanding in-app experiences. This alignment between the two companies enabled a seamless integration, greatly enhancing the capabilities of the Up Home Zone.

By integrating with Tiimely API's, Up has effectively achieved greater engagement, filled their nurture funnels, and has greater control across the conversion pathway allowing the team to build on their reputation for engaging digital banking experiences.

The Balance of Human and Artificial Intelligence and Automation

Both Up and Tiimely recognised the importance of striking a balance between human interaction and automation, particularly in significant decisions like home loans. Up's CEO, Xavier Shay, highlighted the importance of automating routine tasks to free up time for meaningful human connections. Up and Tiimely both share a commitment to creating an efficient self-serve experience while maintaining exceptional support when human interaction is needed.

Cultural Alignment

Up and Tiimely found themselves aligned not only in technology but also in culture and values. Their shared belief in making financial services better for Australians and their dedication to improving the customer experience forged a strong partnership. This partnership was founded on the core principle of doing better for customers and revolutionising the way they deal with their finances.


Up's journey with Tiimely's platform technology has been a testament to the power of innovation, collaboration, and shared values. The creation of the Up Home Zone app experience exemplifies Up's commitment to redefining the home loan process and offering a seamless, user-centric approach to Australians. This case study showcases how technology and vision can come together to revolutionize the banking and home loan landscape, all for the benefit of the customers.

Up: The Home Zone

How it works

  • API endpoint 1

    Creation application API call

    This endpoint allowed Up to create an application shell to capture basic applicant identifiers, whilst configuring their credit policy. Each application ‘instance’ is assigned a unique application ID so Up can track the application journey from conditional pre-approval in the Home Zone app through to full home loan approval.

  • API endpoint 2

    Update application API call

    This part of the journey is essentially the API version of an application form, where Up was able to update the application with declared financials.

    This integration allows applicants to provide as much, or as little financial information they want which was appropriate for the Conditional Pre-approval function of the Home Zone app experience.

  • API endpoint 3

    Get serviceability results API call

    With a simple call to the serviceability results endpoint, accurate serviceability results about the application and applicants are made available.

    The accuracy of the serviceability results depends on how much information the customer inputs, and how accurate those figures are too. Serviceability rules are configured to your credit policy so Up can use app results to determine application readiness, and also provide applicants the opportunity to check their financial pulse.

Up and Tiimely are very aligned on the need for a balance of automation and great support experiences that have a real person involved. Having fast, self-serving experiences and efficient processes is extremely important to us.

Justin French

Chief Operating Officer, Up

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