Lending Document Automation and OCR

Document digitisation validation streamlines the assessment process driving faster approvals for your customers

  • Streamline the assessment process

    Give your credit assessors back time, and get faster answers for your customers by removing manual document collection
  • Access to robust data

    Improve digital validation rates with Statement OCR as a data source
  • Improve conversion rates

    Improve 'submit to approve' conversion rates with streamlined credit assessing

Why OCR?

Automate lengthy manual document collection from your customers

Xapii by Tiimely offers comprehensive document digitisation functionality to power your lending origination and decisioning. We know that there will always be occasions when you need documents for lending assessment and verification purposes. That's why Xapii offers a range of features to support seamless collection, easy management and reliable assessment automation.

Key features

With Xapii, nearly half of all statements across financial institutions and account types in Australia can already be digitised.

User experience

Collect, upload and manage documents via an intuitive UI or secure API

Supported by easy-to-understand statuses so your team can quickly understand the different stages of digitisation

Tiimely document import ui
Tiimely document digitisation

Statement OCR

Real-time digitisation of statement account and transaction info

Xapii's Statement OCR capability is designed to maximise trust and minimise the risk of incorrectly digitising statements. Automate the identification of income, expense and liability position.

Supports Australia’s 7 largest banks including Commonwealth Bank, NAB, Westpac, ANZ, ING, Bankwest, and Bendigo.


Auto redaction of sensitive information

Auto redaction of sensitive taxation information (tax file numbers) in ATO Notices of Assessment (NoA) and accountant tax returns. Supports documents in PDF and images (*.png, *.jpg).

Tiimely auto redaction capability

Our solutions

Enhance your lending capabilities with Lending Document Automation and OCR

Document Automation and OCR features are now available in Xapii Convert and Xapii Decide. Explore our solutions below.

Case Studies

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