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Capturing Market Share with Digital Home Loan Growth

Using Tiimely's white-labelled mortgage product, Bendigo and Adelaide Bank launched their digital proposition, Bendigo Express, in 6 months.

Meet Bendigo and Adelaide Bank

One of Australia's biggest and most trusted banks. Learn how they've partnered with Tiimely to grow their customer segments and market share.

How did Tiimely help?


As one of Australia's largest and most trusted banks, Bendigo and Adelaide Bank faced the challenge of entering the digital home loan market swiftly without being reliant on their internal digital transformation projects. Traditional processes were time-consuming and didn't align with the pace of the evolving financial landscape.

Bendigo and Adelaide Bank found a solution in their partnership with Tiimely. Together, they embarked on embedding a white-labeled digital mortgage solution, complete with Tiimely’s Home Loan Specialists and Credit Assessors to oversee the onboarding process through to settlement; offering customers a streamlined and seamless experience. In just six months, they successfully launched 'Bendigo Express,' marking their entry into the digital home loan market.

Getting to market fast, to take market share and have a digital proposition for the future

Bendigo and Adelaide Bank's collaboration with Tiimely has been instrumental in overcoming their technology barrier to enter the direct-to-consumer digital home loan market.

The results have been remarkable, with Bendigo Express experiencing a remarkable 10-fold growth in the last 12 months. The deployment of this digital mortgage solution enabled Bendigo and Adelaide Bank to meet the demands of their customers efficiently and enhance their reputation as a trusted financial institution in Australia.

Nick Carter, General Manager of Digital and Chris Topic, Digital Product Owner both of Bendigo and Adelaide Bank talk about their experience with Tiimely

Driving Growth with Tiimely

On the Partnership: Nick Carter, General Manager of Digital from Bendigo and Adelaide Bank, expressed how vital Tiimely was in helping them quickly access the market. He highlighted the unique partnership, the shared mission, and the collaborative effort in delivering the Bendigo Express product, which has grown significantly over the years.

Chris Topic, Digital Product Owner at Bendigo and Adelaide Bank, emphasised that Tiimely's partnership provided a ready-to-go solution. The platform solution was a ‘plug-and-play’ scenario for the Bendigo team, which simplified the implementation but also built-in processes for continuous optimisation.

Combined with continual support and guidance from Tiimely's team of experts throughout the journey, teams from both organisations collaborate to ensure that the Bendigo Express product continues to succeed in the market.

Augmenting with Tiimely technology

Integrating Tiimely into the Bendigo tech stack: The augmentation of Tiimely into Bendigo’s existing infrastructure allowed the organisation to make significant progress in connecting external partners' platforms into their infrastructure, and resulted in the acceleration of products such as Ben Express and the Up Home products. The partnership strategy not only provides Bendigo and Adelaide Bank with strategic advantages but also opens doors for future growth and innovation.

Future-proofiing with Tiimely

When faced with the challenge of transitioning from a traditional banking model to a direct digital market for home loans, Tiimely was able to play a crucial role in quickly building a digital front-end solution, significantly speeding up a typically slow process in banking.

Chris shared a recent example of problem-solving with Tiimely where Bendigo needed a purchase stream for customers who didn't have a specific property address yet. Together with Tiimely, they devised a conditional approval feature, which is expected to boost purchase flows by 50% in the coming year, showcasing the power of collaboration.

Expanding the Product Range: Bendigo and Adelaide Bank plans to expand its product range and serve a broader market. The growth they've experienced is impressive, and their strategic partnership with Tiimely is driving this success. With in-house experts in marketing and data science, they're well-equipped to handle the increasing demand for their services.

This case study illustrates the transformative power of partnership and advanced technology solutions in propelling an established financial institution towards digital success and scalability. Bendigo and Adelaide Bank's journey with Tiimely demonstrates the value of adaptability, collaboration, and continuous optimisation in the ever-evolving landscape of digital banking.

Bendigo Express

How it works

  • Step 1

    Use Calculator APIs and managed Product API to fill conversion funnels and validate leads, ready to nurture into the next stage: apply.

    Customer information about property, responsible lending product recommendations, personal consent, credit file validation, financials and serviceability – are captured as the applicant works through the application, which is all powered by Xapii Decide.

  • Step 2

    Human-in-the-loop capability through Xapii Decide shortens the time to decision. Get access to insights via dashboard integrations and APIs, our Customer Support and Credit Assessment teams, and risk scorecard integration.

  • Step 3

    Onboard customers seamlessly with managed loan settlement and eConveyancing with digital experience end-to-end. Get customers realising and assets onto your balance sheet

We have a great home loan product offering, but there was a need to complement that with a digital proposition. What Tiimely provided us with was the technology to bring that to market really quickly. The end-to-end process from the start to the launch of the Bendigo Express Home Loan, working with Tiimely, took about six months.

Nick Carter

General Manager of Digital, Bendigo and Adelaide Bank

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