Credit cards

Automate credit decisions, assess responsibly and approve confidently

Experience industry-leading affordability and serviceability automation capability


Componentised solutions so you can build, scale or transform with ease

Boost efficiency through exception-based serviceability assessments and decisioning

Core capabilities

Accuracy and automation, built-in

Configured to your lending policy, combined with insights driven by your data

  • Configurable credit checks

    Integrate with some of Australia’s biggest and most trusted credit bureaus and configure hard and soft credit calls based on your business needs and policy requirements

  • Programmable risk appetite

    Configurable regardless of your business and product lifecycle. Augment to build or to scale your credit card offering

  • Data source agnostic

    Bring together disparate sources of data for real-time access to lending decisioning and actionable insights, so your team can act with confidence


Easy to integrate

Tiimely’s solutions are built for scalable tech stacks. Our team have taken meticulous care to design APIs that can be integrated into your existing architecture and bring together all your data sources. Get a fuller picture of your customers' financial position so your team can act on lending decisions with confidence.

  • Xapii Core API
  • Calculator API
  • Product API

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