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Risk and Compliance Manager

Brad is known for many things around the office. His laugh, his hysterical stories about his tiny flock of sheep, and bad dad jokes. But he's also our go-to when risky business is afoot.

Bradley, if there's a risk he'll solve it.

Bradley is an original Tocker. A Tocker before we launched, and a Tocker as we build and scale our platform technology company. We chat with Tiimely's Risk and Compliance Manager, Bradley to talk about his role at Tiimely and his career journey so far.

How did you hear about the role?

I've transitioned through a few different roles throughout my time at Tiimely. I think that is the good thing about working in a startup — there are a lot more opportunities to move around.

When I first applied for Tiimely I saw the advertisement on Seek. The only reason I read the position description was because a few days before I was talking to a friend who said “You know, it would be really good to get into a startup…” I agreed with him, and then by chance, the Tiimley System Administrator role showed up in my feed. That was the first role I did at Tiimely before I changed roles to Infrastructure Manager.

After a year and a half as Infrastructure Manager, I transitioned to a role in Risk and Compliance. I knew a position was coming and I had been working as a secretary on the Security Committee. I put myself out there and talked to the CFO who would be heading up the Risk and Compliance team and showed my interest and asked what he would like from me. It was one of those situations where I needed to grab the opportunity rather than expect it to just be handed to me.

Can you explain your current role?

I am the Risk and Compliance Manager. My role is not so much the management of individual risks but to provide tools, frameworks and consultation on risk management to the business.

What do you find most challenging about your role?

I have moved from a very operational role to a very strategic role, so it has challenged my way of thinking, but that was part of the allure of the role: to move away from that operational part of the business.

What do you find most rewarding about your role?

My role allows me to work across the business and see it from many angles and from many perspectives. I get to talk to people in Tic:Toc and understand how they work, what their challenges are, and work with them to find ways to navigate those challenges. By recognising the challenges it allows the business to work through them effectively to achieve our strategic goals. Being apart of that is very rewarding.

Tiimely office space

What is a misconception facing risk and compliance?

A lot of businesses fall into the rut that Risk and Compliance are just there to ‘swing the big stick’. I have heard other people call risk departments the ‘Business Inhibitor department’. Unfortunately, this is probably less a misconception and more of an accurate stereotype for some businesses. For me, I did not want this to be the case for Tiimely. I wanted the role to be an enabler for the business, be there to provide insights, get people to think from a different perspective and increase the amount of data they have when it comes to making business decisions.

What are you reading or listening to right now?

Though I am in the risk profession I am still a technical person at heart. I have a keen interest in Cyber Security (which is a risk consideration). At the moment I am listening to a podcast called ‘Darknet Diaries’ in which the host talks about amazing hacks, and interviews people involved in the hacks such as Cyber Security Professionals, journalists and in some cases hackers themselves. He dives deep into why hackers and professionals got into the industry and what they do. The host is an amazing storyteller.

What hobby are you into right now?

I have just started archery and I am enjoying it so much! I get a real sense of achievement when I have a good shot. I enjoy it so much because the techniques seem to sink in quickly and it was not as expensive to get started as I thought. I also think there is a hidden desire to be Robin Hood which I think is the reason most people get into it!

How do you like your coffee?

Chilled and in a Red Bull can.

Would you describe yourself as a more technical or a more creative person?

Technical for sure, and this frustrates my creative side. I have spikes in the need to be creative and sometimes it's successful and sometimes (in my eyes) it’s not. The technical side of me comes much more naturally.


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