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Product Owner

Ansu has been with Tiimely since 2017 where her roles have spanned from Home Loan Specialist to Test Engineer to Scrum Master to her current role as Product Owner – putting her in a prime position to advocate for the customer

Ansu, Product Owner

Ansu has been with Tiimely since the "early days" of 2017 (when we were called Tic:Toc)! We sat down with her as she gave us an inside look at her role as Product Owner at Tiimely

What were your thoughts when you first stepped out of the lift and into the Tiimely office?

When I joined Tiimely, about 6 years ago, our workspace was located the northern side of the Adelaide CBD. Stepping out of the elevator, I was welcomed by a spacious, well-lit area with gleaming hardwood-paneled floors and expansive windows that offered a breathtaking view of the vibrant North Terrace. What struck me immediately was the palpable energy in the office, characterised by the sight and sound of content, motivated, and empowered colleagues. As I made my way to my desk, the atmosphere was infectious, filling me with a sense of enthusiasm and eagerness. It was a unique experience, starting a new job in a foreign country, and I was brimming with anticipation about the countless opportunities and exciting prospects this journey would introduce into my life.

Is Adelaide your hometown, and what do you enjoy about working in the city?

Before I came to this beautiful city of Adelaide about five years ago, my life journey took me to various places, each leaving a distinct mark on me. My formative years were spent in the Middle East, where I had the opportunity to experience a unique blend of cultures. Later, during my early adulthood, I relocated to India, which became an essential part of my life's narrative.

The opportunity to return to the city post pandemic, and the office reminded us of just how much we missed the simple pleasures of office banter and the occasional coffee or Friday drinks with friends. Being back in the office allowed us to rediscover the power of human connection and face-to-face interactions. Fortunately, we are in the heart of the city, and we're truly spoiled for choice when it comes to finding a cozy coffee shop, a spot to grab a quick meal, or a place to share a drink with friends. It's these simple yet meaningful experiences that have made returning to the office a truly special and cherished aspect of our lives in this ever-evolving world.

Can you explain your current role?

My current role is that of a Product Owner which I believe is pivotal in the successful development and delivery of our products. I serve as the bridge between various stakeholders, including customers, the development team, and the business.

I serve as the advocate for both the customer and the business, ensuring that the product aligns with the organization's strategic goals while delivering value to the end-users.

How has your role changed since starting at Tiimely?

My journey at Tiimely began as a Home Loans Specialist, marking my first venture into the workforce as a new immigrant. I consider myself incredibly fortunate to have been chosen by Tiimely for this role. After a few months, an exciting opportunity arose for me to return to a role I had previous experience in, that of a Test Engineer. As my experience continued to grow, so did my professional aspirations.

Once again, I found myself surrounded by an incredible support system. My leaders, colleagues, and the workplace as a whole played an instrumental role in my transition to a Scrum Master. And most recently, my career has evolved further as I've taken on the role of a Product Owner. It's been a journey of continuous growth and development, and I'm grateful for the guidance and encouragement I've received at every step along the way.

You can invite any four people to dinner. Who are you inviting?

If I could invite the cast of "Ted Lasso" to an event or dinner, it would be an absolutely unforgettable and heartwarming gathering. The humor, warmth, and unwavering positivity they infuse into their characters on the show have won the hearts of countless fans. Meeting them in person would be a delightful experience. Their ability to convey the significance of kindness, empathy, and the transformative power of a positive attitude on screen aligns perfectly with the values I hold dear. Their presence would undoubtedly make for an inspiring and immensely enjoyable occasion. Even though the cast comprises more than four individuals, each of them is so wonderful that it's incredibly difficult to select just a few.

What do you find most rewarding about your role?

I have the privilege of working alongside incredibly talented individuals at Tiimely, and it's a source of immense satisfaction for me to witness their inspiration and empowerment. There's nothing more rewarding than seeing my colleagues genuinely happy and excited to deliver their best work. Knowing that I can contribute to creating an environment that nurtures both personal and professional growth, where every team member feels their vital role in crafting something extraordinary every day, is what truly motivates me.

How do you like your coffee?

Black with a side of silence or a hint of early jazz. <wink>

What motivates you to get out of bed in the morning?

As a Product Owner, my daily motivation stems from collaborating with an exceptional team, working together towards a shared goal. The sense of unity and shared purpose is incredibly fulfilling. Additionally, the opportunity for continuous learning and growth within my role is an exciting aspect of my work, allowing me to expand my skills and knowledge. Knowing that our product positively impacts users' lives and continually striving to enhance it through innovation and improvement is a significant source of motivation, driving my passion and dedication each day.

What hobby are you into right now?

Origami has become a beloved hobby for me. The act of meticulously folding pieces of paper to achieve perfection can be incredibly therapeutic. It's not just about creating beautiful paper art; it's also a journey of learning and self-discovery.

Do you have a general philosophy/ethos you try to live by?

Treating others as you want to be treated is a fundamental guideline for kindness and understanding. It's about showing genuine respect, extending kindness, and refraining from making judgments about people. More importantly, it's about being acutely aware of how your actions can impact others' feelings and experiences. By striving to create a world that's warmer, fairer, and more compassionate, we can play a part in making the lives of those around us better. This principle becomes a cornerstone of how we interact and collaborate within a company. It has the power to foster deeper connections, and ultimately creating an environment where people feel valued and respected.


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