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Software Engineer

Since joining us in early 2020, Ershadi has been a driving force behind Tiimely's super slick frontend experience

Ershadi, Software Engineer and Tocker

Working directly on our platform, Ershadi has been pivotal in the implementation of user-facing components within Tiimely's Xapii platform. We caught up for a deep-dive into her role at Tiimely, as well as her journey to get there.

How did you hear about the role?

Emigrating and embarking on a fresh start in a foreign country is undeniably one of the most simultaneously nerve-wracking and invigorating adventures a person can undertake. Right after finalising my plans to relocate to Australia, my first move was to start the job search.

While I had confidence in my skills, I couldn't help but feel a bit anxious about the ease of finding a job in a new and unfamiliar country. With my background as a Software Engineer, I concentrated my search on opportunities in Adelaide. I remained actively engaged on LinkedIn, diligently searching for job openings when I stumbled upon a job posting by Tic:Toc (ta-da Tiimely) that seemed to be a perfect match for my skills and experience.

Based on my online research, Tiimely appeared to be an exceptional place to work, and without hesitation, I applied for the position. Now, fast forward 3.5 years, and I am absolutely thrilled that I found that job ad, applied, and became a part of this amazing team

What was it like to apply for the role?

Back in early 2020, I found myself in a new country during a time when a global pandemic was wreaking havoc on the world economy. I was simply thrilled to secure any job, let alone the opportunity to work with an innovative tech solutions provider. The morning news was dominated by grim reports of rising death tolls and soaring unemployment rates, painting a bleak picture. It seemed like all I heard were stories of people losing their jobs rather than finding new ones, even among some of my friends.

However, there were a few job ads and when I saw the job advertisement from Tic:Toc, I was thrilled to see the job role matching my skills and experience. The more I delved into my research about the company, the more I discovered Tiimely's innovative DNA. It was overwhelming to find out that Tiimely has offered eligible customers full home loan approvals in less than an hour.

I've always cherished being a part of innovative teams that pioneer cutting-edge technology. My quest was to find a company that refused to settle for the ordinary and was driven to create 'cool stuff' rather than mundane, standard software. I was seeking a workplace that shared my values, and I wholeheartedly believed that Tiimely was the perfect fit for me. My dream had always been to collaborate with the team responsible for developing the world's first online instant home loan platform. Joining Tiimely was the realization of that dream. Initially, the domain of FinTech didn't hold much interest for me. In my early days, FinTech was synonymous with legacy banking applications. However, now I can't imagine a more intriguing domain than FinTech, especially when I consider the innovative work we engage in at Tiimely.

Tiimely offers an open floor plan where employees of all levels and departments work together in the same area. This ascertains the fact that every employee's contribution is recognised and the leadership is accessible to the rest of the staff.

- Ershadi

Tiimely’s office is quite open and airy. Does this differ from your previous workplaces, and do you prefer it?

Tiimely's office bears a strong resemblance to my previous workplace, but Tiimely excels in fostering collaboration through its inherent structure. I greatly appreciate when my workplace embodies such characteristics as it significantly enhances teamwork. This is especially evident when multiple individuals share a workspace, making collaboration straightforward and pleasantly informal, unlike the need to traverse from one cubicle to another for collaboration.

Open offices naturally promote spontaneous conversations, allowing for the continual exchange of new ideas and concepts. I also value the fact that Tiimely offers an open floor plan where employees from all levels and departments work together in the same area. This ensures that every employee's contributions are acknowledged, and it keeps leadership accessible to the rest of the staff, resulting in a flat hierarchy.

Is Adelaide your hometown, and what do you enjoy about working in the city?

Adelaide isn't where I grew up. I used to live in Sri Lanka before I made my way to Adelaide in February 2020. Ever since I arrived in Australia, Adelaide has totally enchanted me with its stunning beauty and all-around charm. It's got this chill vibe of a big city while offering all the things I could ever want or need, plus it's bursting with diverse cultures, events, and fun stuff to do. Basically, it's big enough to have it all and small enough to make it super easy to get around and enjoy.

Working in a place like this is just mind-blowing and a total dream come true for me. The office is super convenient, accessible by all sorts of transportation, and you can even squeeze in some shopping on Friday evenings after work or hang out with friends and soak up the social scene. And let's not forget about all the lunch and coffee spots within walking distance from the office. It's like having a mini adventure every day, trying out new flavors. How awesome is it to work in a spot like this, right?

What was the most important lesson you learned from your previous role?

I picked up several valuable lessons during my previous gig. Back then, I was part of an innovative company that cooked up solutions for a big-shot Fortune 500 client. We had some major brands on our client list, and our gig involved whipping up plenty of proof-of-concept projects and solutions to tackle their issues. My role usually had me deep in the technical research, design, development, and delivery phases.

But the most crucial lesson I took away from that experience was this: "Never let the client dictate the solution."

The absolute worst project outcomes came about when the client insisted on dictating how the solution should look, ignoring our professional expertise just because they believed they knew their business and our software inside out. These projects almost always turned into chaotic messes—inefficient outcomes, ongoing support nightmares, and guess who got blamed? Yep, you guessed it: us.

On the flip side, the best projects were the ones where the client described a business issue they needed to solve with technology. We'd assemble a crack team of software development experts to meet with the relevant folks, including end-users, and dig deep into their processes and objectives. From there, we'd craft a solution using the best tools for the job. These projects consistently resulted in the happiest customers and the smoothest outcomes.

What advice would you give to someone wanting to get into a similar role?

Being a software engineer is hands down the best job in the world for me. I'm absolutely passionate about coding, and the fact that I get paid to do what I love is just mind-blowingly awesome. However, in this field, it's absolutely essential to keep up with the latest technologies if you want to thrive.

When it comes to software engineering, my motto is simple: "Keep on learning, always." Whether you're just starting your first software development class, gearing up to enter the job market, or you've been in the game for a whopping thirty years, one thing remains constant—you've got to keep learning.

Sure, you're diving deep into your specific skill set, but it's also a good idea to dip your toes into new frameworks, technologies, and anything related to your field. Let's face it, knowing everything about programming is like trying to catch a rainbow - impossible. No one's got a handle on every programming language, every single method under the sun, every library, framework, or the perfect solution to every problem. So, don't stress about learning it all; instead, focus on what you do know and try to expand on that.

The software industry can be as unpredictable as the weather, with new projects popping up and disappearing in the blink of an eye. So, don't be shocked if you find yourself needing to totally revamp your skill set to match the ever-changing job market. Having experience and interests beyond your niche skill set can be a real lifesaver, keeping you employed and attractive for exciting new opportunities. Adaptability is your golden ticket.

How do you stay up to date and keep your skills sharp?

As a developer, one of the most crucial skills to survive in the ever-evolving world of tech is staying up-to-date. Because, let's face it, everything in this field changes at the speed of light. Personally, I keep myself in the loop by following websites like and These platforms are my go-to sources for staying current.

But that's not all. Local meetups also play a pivotal role in my quest to connect with like-minded folks in my area and dive deep into discussions about the latest tech trends. Being an active part of a local IT community isn't just good for professional growth; it's also incredibly rewarding on a personal level. The energy of connecting with fellow code enthusiasts can seriously turbocharge productivity and knowledge.

I've been a part of such communities before, and recently, I've joined a few more chatbot developer groups here in Australia. So, being actively involved in meetups and events in my area, and becoming a key player in the IT community, is yet another way I keep my skills razor-sharp.

What motivates you to get out of bed in the morning?

Being naturally inclined toward positivity, I find my daily motivation in what I aim to accomplish. Each morning (except for Saturdays), my faith serves as a driving force, as do the wonderful people in my life whom I deeply appreciate.

What are you reading or listening to right now?

Well, here's a quirky fact about me: I'm not really into music. Yep, you could call me a bit of an oddball for not grooving to tunes like most of us. Anyway, these days, I've been reading the book "A Question of Color" by Pattie Lees and Adam Clees. This book offers readers a firsthand account of Pattie's life as a 'fair-skinned Aboriginal' and recounts her survival following a decade of abuse as a Ward of the State.

As I immerse myself in these pages, I'm deeply moved by the sheer resilience of this young girl. Pattie's story explores the complexities of identity and her relentless pursuit of a sense of belonging. It's a testament to the indomitable strength of the human spirit and serves as a powerful reminder of the importance of empathy and understanding in our world. There's a wealth of wisdom we can glean from her story.

What hobby are you into right now?

My hobbies have evolved over time, a reflection of my ever-changing interests and the desire for something new. I'm a passionate dog lover, so I've done a lot of voluntary work for the welfare of dogs as a hobby. Also, back in the day, I modeled for small businesses. Modeling helps me forget myself, take on different characters, and understand things from various angles. Not to forget, it is thrilling and rejuvenating to perform in front of a camera

The COVID-19 pandemic forced us indoors for extended periods a couple of years ago. It was during this time that I discovered a new hobby - cooking. Experimenting with new dishes became my source of joy, even if it did come with an extra 2 kilograms! Some creations were failures, but the process kept me occupied and content during challenging days.

When the rules became less strict, I felt excited about traveling again. Australia's beautiful and varied natural features called me to explore, providing a great way to escape from recent limitations. Seeing the amazing things in Australia made me feel refreshed and reminded me of how big and diverse the world is.

To put it simply, hobbies make life more colourful. They act like doors to refreshment, offering happiness in the midst of daily responsibilities. My hobbies have changed over time, but each one has left its own special mark on my life's journey.


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