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Executive Assistant to the CEO

A self-described 'admin girl' from the beginning, Jess is responsible for a lot of behind-the-scenes magic at Tiimely. We learn more about her career path, how every day is different at Tiimely, and what makes Jess, tick.

Jess Ennis, EA at Tiimely

A shining example of a highly-skilled and highly-organised EA, Jess makes her role look easy but it's anything but. We let the master break it down.

Hey Jess, can you give us the lowdown on your role?

First and foremost, I am the Executive Assistant to our CEO and Founder, Anthony Baum. My role involves managing Anthony's diary, and his time and liaising with both internal and external stakeholders to ensure he is appropriately prepared for any meetings he is attending, or decisions he is involved in.

By extension, I provide administration support to our Leadership Team and Board of Directors. I coordinate all their travel arrangements, catering for meetings, managing our meeting rooms, and any other assistance they require.

I also manage our offices in Adelaide, through coordination of any maintenance, travel arrangements for all staff, the ordering and distribution of Tiimely branded merchandise, and the facilitation of charitable initiatives throughout the year.

Some staff would say one of my most important tasks is coordinating our staff morning teas and lunches! Two of Tiimely's values are 'time to build good bonds' and 'time to be human' and a key element of this is giving our staff the opportunity to stop what they are doing and enjoy socialising with each other whilst enjoying some yummy food.

What is a common misconception about what you do?

I think often when you are good at your job, you can make it look easy and that is not the case. I have been in administration for over 20 years and the longer you do it, the more efficient and streamlined your processes become.

My role is constantly changing and evolving, and no two days are the same. It takes a lot of planning ahead, always being prepared for something to change, and having a backup plan!

How did you get started in your field?

I have always wanted to be an 'admin girl'! I used to play 'banks' as a little girl and often my pocket money was spent on buying a myriad of stationery like receipt books or stamps (lol).

I believe my personality traits of being extremely organised, a problem solver, and a nurturer, are all traits that make up a good assistant, so this role comes naturally to me.

Tell us about some of your career highlights

I have had the pleasure of living and working overseas and experienced a life I never thought I would have access to when I started my first job as a Junior Receptionist at 18 years old.

I have worked with high-profile individuals who are incredibly successful in their chosen careers. Ultimately, my role as a Personal Assistant / Executive Assistant is to make the life (sometimes, lives) easier of those whom I work with.

There is nothing more gratifying and fulfilling, than when your hard work is recognised and being told you have had a profound impact on their life, due to your very existence! It can make it all worthwhile :)

Have you ever worked with a mentor? What was the impact of that relationship?

I am very grateful to have a mentor whom I meet with every 6 weeks. She is someone who has also been in administration and made her way up the ranks to a Chief of Staff position. I value our conversations as she has helped me to grow and mature in my role.

The very definition of assistant is "a person who assists someone” which often means putting yourself second. My mentor has helped me to understand in order to be a good assistant you must put yourself first which means creating positive boundaries for your work including your capacity which ensures you get the best out of yourself and by extension, Tiimely does too! We provide each other with different perspectives which has been incredibly valuable.

Now, onto your Tiimely experience...

What were your first thoughts when you stepped out of the lift and into the Tiimely office?

From the moment I stepped out of the lift, I felt a warm and inviting feeling. You could tell the environment was one of positivity and openness to staff bringing their best selves to work each day.

I enjoy the fact that there are no individual offices, meaning our desks are out on the floor together and management is amongst all staff. It allows for an approachable, collaborative, and often fun work environment too. It’s a great way to get to know your peers and have a good laugh throughout the workday!

Do Tiimely's values align with your own? If they do, in what way?

Yes, I do. Tiimely recognises that whilst staff are there to do a job, it shouldn’t be all work and no play!

I appreciate the fact that whilst Tiimely is a technology company, there is a very human element to our company. Our flexible hybrid working arrangements enable me to start my workday early, so then I can finish early which enables me to get In some exercise. There's nothing better, than finishing your day with a walk along the beach.

I believe Tiimely is realistic in its approach in how to look after its staff. If you enjoy coming to work and enjoy what you do, you are more likely to want to do a good job.

Jess, what a perfect segue - let's learn more about you, outside of work.

Is Adelaide your hometown or have you moved here recently? What do you like about living in Adelaide?

Having lived and worked in big cities around the world has made me appreciate what my hometown of Adelaide has to offer. We still have all the delights of a big city, without the hassle.

Many other states in Australia require a long commute to work in the CBD, however, Adelaide is accessible and a city that is easy to get around. I love the fact that in one minute you can be at the beach, and within an hour be in one of our many wine regions.

Do you have a general philosophy/ethos you try to live by?

I try to remain positive, even in the face of adversity. I believe that everything happens for a reason and sometimes that reason doesn’t show itself straight away, but with hindsight, you can understand why something had to happen the way it did.

I believe you treat people how you wish to be treated. I know I can look back at all the success in my life and know that through my own hard work and determination, I was able to make that happen, so to keep going!

If you could invite any four people to dinner, who would you invite?

Barack and Michelle Obama, Beyoncé, and Oprah – what a dinner that would be!


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